Start Events

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A process is started by a start event, which can be either general or depending on time or on other facts (receiving a message, signal etc.). Since the latter cases always involve sending events, we only need to add simulation properties to the general and to the timer start event.

To start the process we need to add some information. We can either select one of the

Attention: Contrary to the conceptual idea of the message receiving start event, we allow you to specify an inter-arrival time to represent the duration until the message receipt. This is occasionally necessary, e. g. if you do not want to model a black box pool, which sends the messages to this specific start event, and which solely exists to start this event.

Simulation Properties of the General and the Timer Start Event

Optional Simulation Properties

Inter-arrival Time

Select a stochastic distribution (which represents your process' inter-arrival time) or use Calandar based or Script based Event Triggers to set up the inter-arrival times.

Simulation Properties of the Message receiving Start Event

Optional Simulation Properties

Stochastic Event Trigger

Check this box, if you want to specify a distribution for a time span which will then represent the delay of the message receipt.

Must-Have Simulation Properties

Duration until Message Receipt

This property will become obligatory after checking the Stochastic Event Trigger check-box. Here you can specify a distribution, which will then represent the duration until the message will be received.