Business Process Simulation & Analysis

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Why simulating BPMN 2.0 processes?

The aim of business process simulation is the improvement of process characteristics like quality, performance and/or resource utilization. Therefore ideally known processes are measured and key performance indicators are calculated. The results of the simulation experiments are presented in diagrams. By comparing the results of different process configurations, it's easy to determine the best configuration to archive the requested target.

How to simulate BPMN 2.0 processes?

You need to enhance your models with some additional parameter information. First of all, the average duration of activities or the effective dates of events have to be assigned to the process diagram elements. For mapping the realistic variability of such  parameters, pseudo-random-numbers are used, which are generated by stochastic distributions. Secondly, you ave to ensure that all exclusive and inclusive gateways have determinable conditions and/or probabilities. After entering all relevant parameters you can start the simulation experiment and afterwards analyze the results. Since simulation is based on stochastic, you need to execute various simulation experiments.

IYOPRO also offers some advanced simulation concepts:


IYOPRO Premium offers a simulation tool kit for substantial business process analysis. It has the capability of stochastic, discrete event driven simulation of processes together with the ability to analyze the dynamic behavior of business processes. It offers forecast indicators to estimate the potential run-time of processes in order to consider timescale, resources and costs to determine the optimal process by experimenting with different options.