Stochastic Event Trigger

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Time Span

If you choose Time span from the drop-down box (top), you can assign one of the distributions (that we also provide for the stochastic attributes) to get a stochastic duration. Set one of those stochastic distributions, and the simulation will draw sample values from it and use them for the duration of activities or for the inter-arrival time of start events.

Figure 1: The Time Editor (Stochastic Distribution view)



    1. Simple Input, Figure 1: In this case you need to supply the number of hours for each parameter. Note that the number can be entered as a float.
    2. Detailed Input, Figure 2: The detailed input view allows you to enter an exact time span by specifying the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Due to this restriction you can only enter integers.

Figure 2: The Time Editor (Stochastic Distribution view, Multiple Input Boxes)