Linking Events to Each Other

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To simulate BPMN 2.0 models, we need to know, which sending event(s) trigger(s) which receiving event(s). To accomplish this, we need to give events that shall be linked to each other the same name.


Imagine you create a model that contains two intermediate sending message events and two intermediate receiving message events. Then there are two possible ways, to identify associated (or linked) events:

  1. You connect the events via message flows.
    1. (This is not possible for other event types, therefore we also offer a second option, see below)
  1. You do not want to add anymore flows to your model, because they would reduce your model's clarity.
    1. Therefore we offer you the possibility, to avoid using message flows between sending and receiving message events by simply giving them the same name.

Please see Models 4c (Messages without an explicit message flow), 5 (sending Signals to Multiple Process Instances) and 6 (Triggering Start Events) from the Simulation Tutorial for examples to this concept.


There are some limitations to this concept: