Run a Workflow by Timer

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Some workflows are supposed to start at a defined time, possibly recurring. An example could be a monthly meeting. The Timer Start Event enables the automatic start of a workflow at the specified time.

Select the Timer Start Event as the start of the process.

Navigate to the property set of the Timer Start Event and click on the "Edit" button of the timer property. The timer settings will be displayed now.

Insert an expression to determine when the workflow should start and return the calculated date time value as "Result". The result must be a value in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated) format. Otherwise timezone related delays might appear while triggering timer events.

Click Compile and then Execute to check if there are errors in the expression.

Click OK and the calculated time will be considered in the workflow.

Select “Recurring” in the properties to have the workflow start recurringly and not just once.

Run the Workflow

To run a workflow by timer, proceed as described in “Run Workflow from Project”.

The workflow can now be found in the list of scheduled workflows. Open the Repository and navigate to the Instances node. Click on “Technical Options” and choose “Show Queues”.

Stop Workflow marked as Recurring

To stop a workflow that has “Recurring” selected in the properties, press the “Run” button again (same type of version). Then press the “Stop” button in the Stop Workflow Dialog.