Run a Workflow

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There are multiple ways available to run a workflow

Run Workflow from Project

To run a Workflow from a project select the Project Tab out of the Ribbon menu. If the Project tab is not available, make sure that at least one document of your BPI-Project has the current input focus.

Press the Run button to start a workflow.

There are two possibilities to run a workflow. It can either start as a Development Version or as an Active Version. The default of the Run button is the Development Version.

Depending on the version specified as active, the Active Version that is started changes. For example, to start a workflow as a previously built Productive Version, it has to be set as the Active Version. To change the active version or to find out which version is currently active, press "Set Active Version". A dialog appears with all built versions. The currently active version is selected.

Run Workflow from the Repository

Open the Repository or the Portal and expand the Workflow node. Click on the "Runnable" node to receive a list of all available workflows. The workflows displayed in the list are those that are set as Active Version.

Double-click on the appropriate workflow to start.

Then either a web version of your start form will appear or the IYOPRO Start Workflow Dialog, depending on the settings in the workflow definition.

If a start form has been declared, a process instance will be created when the form is submitted.

Start Workflow Dialog

The Start Workflow Dialog is used for all types of workflows, which must be manually started.

It shows the name and some organizational information as well as a preview image and a description.

To start such a workflow hit the "Start" button.