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To generate a process documentation in HTML Format use

Application Menu -> Export -> as HTML site. This will create complete process documentation from the current BPI project.

Because this export type consists out of multiple files, the export is provided as packed zip file. As soon as you select a Zip container the required zip file will be created. Be aware that this file has to be deleted manually when you abort your export. Since IYOPRO is an web application it isn't granted to delete files automatically from your device.  

Only if you use IYOPRO in OOB mode you may specify a destination directory where to save the data to.

On the advanced tab you have a better control on the items exported as well as their order:

To change the order of Elements click on the element to move and the chose the Move up / Move down buttons to move the element.

To exclude nodes from export select the node and click on Exclude. To Include excluded nodes select the node and click on Include.

To specify the Home Page ( the page which will be shown if the documentation is entered) select the node and click Home.

To provide shortcuts to important pages select the node and click on shortcut. You will be asked for the shortcut name.

Shortcuts will be listened in the upper right corner of your documentation.

After creating a process documentation involved projects and folders are marked with an asterisk (for changes). This happens because your export settings are saved. Further HTML exports will initially display these last used settings.