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Assign RACI Information

To assign RACI Information to participants select an Activity and click on the participants property. The participants editor dialog appears where you may add participants and choose the responsibility for each participant.

Create RACI Diagram

To generate a RACI diagram use

Application Menu -> Export -> as RACI diagram. This will create a RACI diagram from the current BPI project.

In the upcoming Dialog you may specify the following export options:

To change the order of Elements click on the element to move and the chose the Move up / Move down buttons to move the element.

To exclude nodes from export select the node and click on Exclude. To Include excluded nodes select the node and click on Include.

In the "Advanced" ribbon you are able to decide if you want to resolve the roles according to an organisation diagram.

To proceed click on OK.

This will show a preview of the RACI diagram. To export the diagram to Excel click on the Export button in the ribbon.