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Installing IYOPRO OOB

Because IYOPRO is a Silverlight Application it is possible, not only use IYOPRO from within the browser but also install IYOPRO as Application on your Desktop PC.This is called Out-of-Browser (OOB).

In case of Installing IYOPRO OOB it runs in the same security model as all your desktop application and you may store Diagrams not only in the online repository but also on your local computer.

To install IYOPRO OOB move the mouse onto the ribbon tab and press the right mouse button. A Popup menu appears. Click on "Install IYOPRO onto this computer..."

Click on "Install IYOPRO onto this computer..." An installation window will appear.

To proceed, press the install button.

You may now find a desktop icon as well an an IYOPRO entry in your Start-Menu. To launch IYOPRO simply activate the Icon

Uninstalling IYOPRO OOB

To uninstall IYOPRO start IYOPRO in OOB mode and press the right mouse button as you have done it for the installation. Now click on "Remove this application..." and follow the instructions.