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To generate a process documentation in Word Format use

Application Menu -> Export -> as Word Document. This will create complete process documentation from the current Collaboration diagram.

A preview of the process documentation is shown.

The associated Ribbon tab provides the following options:


Export the documentation into a Word document


Cancel export and close preview


Order the elements


Toggle to show / hide a screenshot of the diagram

Document Description

Toggle to show / hide the description provided on diagram level

Show Items

Toggle to show / hide detailed description of the diagram elements

Exclude Controls without Description

Toggle to show / hide elements where no description has been entered


Toggle to enable / disable colors

Transparent Pool / Lane Background

Create a printer friendly representation of Pools and lanes


Toggle between Portrait and Landscape


Choose a paper format

Pagebreak before:

Choose between

Diagram - Each Diagram paragraph will start on a new page
Pool - Each pool paragraph will start on a new page

Activity - Each activity description will start on a new page

Different first page

Toggle so that the title page doesn't count as the first page