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Resources in IYOPRO are used to map real life scarce entities to the BPMN model. A resource can be a human, a machine or something else that you consider to be a resource.

A Participant, that is part of the execution of an activity, can be assigned to every activity. Although the Participant normally represents a human resource, you are free to expand the term to machines, storage capacities, and so on.


If you want to assign resources to your models, you need to define them in organization diagrams . More information can be found in this IYOPRO documentation.

The raw process to create a model with resources is as follows:

  1. Create a BPI-Project
  2. Create the organization diagram like the one from Figure 1
  3. Add a collaboration diagram
  4. Import the roles at any activity or pool / lane from the organization diagram
  5. Now you can chose the roles at every activity or pool / lane
  6. Examples: Please refer to Chapter 7 of the Simulation Tutorial for a how-to on Resources.
  7. You can access the current state of resources within python scripts.

Figure 1: The Organization diagram that will be used for the following lessons