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See below for the run configuration, which we set up to receive the report statistics from below.

Please refer to the section Experiment Results for more information on the report specific data.

Run configuration


The fixed salaries show the incurred costs by Michael Noword for this process. We also have the ticket system license displayed. 161,29 Dollar are the costs of the ticket system license for 1 day according to our simulation time. The costs of the ticket system license are 208.3% of our quantity-induced activity costs. If you simulate the process by using a longer simulation time the percentage of the ticket system costs becomes lower while the number of process cycles increases. This effect is called economies of scale. We can see the energy costs too. They employ a unit measurement so the results are displayed in a separate table. Further cost centers employing the same unit would be displayed in the same table.

Figure 1: Simulating a diagram

Figure 2: Costing Details