Providing Form Data

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Providing data for forms

To display workflow attributes in a form, the data has be available to the form. There are two modes to link the form elements to the workflow attributes.

If form itself has an empty property "Variable" the simple mode is used. If the property contains a variable name the standard mode is used.

Simple mode

For each form element which allows user input, the property "Variable" is inspected. If there is a workflow attribute with the same name, it is used to provide the

data for the form element. Likewise changes performed in the form are stored in the workflow attribute.

Standard mode

If the property "Variable" is specified for the form, it is interpreted as a python dictionary. The dictionary keys are the variable names of the individual form elements.

The data for the elements is provided by the value of the corresponding dictionary entry. Changes to the data are stored in the dictionary as well.

In addition any other entry added to the dictionary is available to the form as well. This feature can be used to control addition form element properties like the visibility or

if the element is disabled or not.

The standard mode is the preferred way to exchange data between the workflow and the forms.