Define Workflows

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To define a workflow it is necessary to complete the following steps:

  1. Open or create a BPI-Project.
    It is useful to create the project in a team folder rather than in your private workspace to avoid later security issues.

  2. Create or open all required collaboration diagrams. Ensure that the diagram property "Executable" is set for all diagrams, which define the workflow. Disable the flag if the diagram is for documentation purposes only.

  1. Ensure for all pools in your executable diagrams that the property "Executable" is set to "Full". Pools which do not have this setting are for documentation purposes only and describe collaboration partners which are not automated.

  1. Keep in mind, that the BPMN specification creates a separate process instance for each executable pool. Communication is done by message flows. IYOPRO follows this specification. If you expect only one process instance, either draw your diagram in one pool or remove all pools.

  1. Do not forget to assign a Form to all BPMN User Tasks. You'll receive an error on the build pass for each user task which misses an assigned form.  If a specified task does not require a form, convert it to a manual task.

  2. If you wish to start the workflow based on the submission of a form, declare the form as workflow startup form. You'll find the option in the context menu of the form in the process explorer.

  3. Remember to declare the scope of process instance variables on each element as needed. This are of course script tasks, but also conditions on sequence flows and more.

  4. Assign a process diagram of your project as preview of your workflow definition. The option can be found in the context menu of the diagram in the process explorer.

  5. Please fill in a workflow description to allow users to understand what the workflow is for. It's rich text so you may format the description and highlight important information. The description can be edited on the workflow property page.

  6. Build the workflow. It will only be executable if the build pass was free of errors. Verify, that the build pass has generated the workflow executable in the "bin" directory.

You are now able to run and monitor your workflow. To do so please follow this guide.