Participant Editor

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The Participant Editor

Use the Participant Editor to assign participants to activities.

The participant list consists out of the following columns:

Participant Name

The name of the participant. This will be automatically filled if you add a participant


The way how the participant is responsible at the activity:

  • Responsible
    Those who will perform the activity
  • Accountable
    Those who will approve the task
  • Consulted
    Those who will give hints to archive the task
  • Informed
    Those who are kept up to date
  • Supportive
    Those who may help to complete the task.
  • Verify
    Those who check whether the activity result meets the specification
  • Sign Off
    Those who approve the verify desicion
  • Omitted
    Those who are excluded from participating at the task


This parameter is for simulation purposes only. You can specify, how many Resources of this type (i.e. a Role) is required to perform the task.

Add Participant

To add a participant click on the add button. The "Specify Participant" Dialog appears.

The following options appear:


Use this to add a role as participant. Roles will be solved on workflow runtime using an organizational diagram.

There are two different methods to solve roles within an organizational diagram:

Manager Roles:

If a role is interpreted as manager role IYOPRO will traverse up in the organizational diagram starting at a reference until an element is found that matches the role. This will result in exactly one result or, if nobody matches, in an empty result. You need to specify how the reference is taken:


The default method is that all elements, which own the role will be selected in the result list. If nobody owns the role the result will be empty.

If you have already defined roles in another diagram which is not part of your active BPI project you may import these roles by a click on the import roles button.


Use this to add a repository user or group as participant.

If you choose a group all members of the group will be assigned the result set.


Sometimes it's required to assign external users as workflow participants. Use this to specify an external participant by its name / email address.


If you need to calculate the participant by an expression this option is the right one.

The Result variable of an expression may contain the following content:

single email address


The Result will contain a single string value which represents the email address of the participant.

list of email addresses


The Result will contain a list of email addresses

single user record


The Result will contain a single user record

list of user records


The Result will contain a list of user records

Remove Participant

To remove a participant either click on the remove button at the end of the participants row or select one or more rows and click on the Remove button in the toolbar.