Collaboration diagram

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BPMN definition:


A collaboration is the synchronized interaction via communication between two or more processes. The participants of the collaboration are represented by pools (refer to Pools and Lanes). The processes run within these pools, which are connected by message flows to show the message exchange between the participants.


In general a process consists of activities and capital, which are interrelated. A process requires input and has an outcome.

In BPMN a process is graphically represented by a sequence of stencils. These stencils are a limited selection of Gateways, Events, Activities and Sequence Flows.

The Object Management Group differentiates between:

In IYOPRO the term "Collaboration diagram" encompasses all standard processes, regardless of whether a messages flow actually is taking place.
In using the overall heading "Collaboration diagram", it should be emphasized that all stencils required for modeling with or without message flow are available.

The diagram type "Collaboration diagram" is shown together with the Collaboration Toolbox.

Collaboration Toolbox

Simple example of a collaboration diagram: Book ordering