Pools and Lanes

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BPMN definition:

The term "Swim-lane" encompasses" "Pools" and "Lanes".

Pools represent the participants in a collaboration. A pool is a kind of container for a process, which is separating it from another pools.

A lane is partitioning a pool into sub-segments, which fill the entire length either vertically or horizontally.

The stencils "Pool" and "Lane" can be dragged as any other shape too from the Collaboration Toolbox onto the working area.

To edit the name of a swim-lane either double click onto the heading, select the swim-lane and press F2 or edit the name in the Properties Area.

The following Properties may be edited:

Multiple Instances

Determines, if the pool will be repeated
No                    Pool is performed once
Parallel        Three vertical lines shown at the bottom-center of the pool indicate a parallel multiple instance.
               Activities in the pool can follow a any order (can be parallel).
Sequential        Three horizontal lines shown at the bottom-center of the pool indicate a sequential multiple instance.
               Activities in the pool need to follow a certain order (sequence).

Black Box

Only the name of the pool will be displayed in a box

Free Position

The pool is freely movable within the modeling area


Horizontal        The pool is displayed horizontally
Vertical        The pool is displayed vertically


None                Not executable. For documentation purposes.
Full                Fully executable as workflow
Simulation        Executable for simulation purposes


Advanced property to create program code in order to enable the execution of the pool as a process


Assign participants responsible for this pool.