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IYOPRO v1.8.9.0

BPS Simulation

Our Simulation module received significant enhancements. The distribution dialog now provides a preview of the selected mathematical distribution including the distributed values based on the given parameters. In addition the report provides not only the mathematical distribution but for comparison the selected values of the simulation pass. This provides clearness if the selected simulation values are representative or not.

While calculating the simulation pass a progress bar is shown as well as a calendar which shows the current simulated date.

The Report has been divided into sections which may be expanded or collapsed. Each section contains a short help which explains the content of the section.


It is now possible to create RACI, RASCI, RACI-VS or VARISC as well as CAIRO or RACIO Diagrams. Because the diagrams only differ by the used responsibilities we simply use the term RACI. To use it add your responsibilities to participants in the participant dialog of your user tasks. Then use
       File->Export->RACI Diagram
Verify the appearing preview.You may then export the diagram to Excel format.


The SaaS back end workflow engine sandbox is now allowed to execute web services. That offers very new possibilities for workflow integration which was until now excepted to On Premise installations.

Word Export

To reduce the amount of generated pages the Word export received a new setting where you may control the insertion of page breaks.

Basic Edition Ads

ONLY the free IYOPRO Basic Edition will now show business advertisings of partners and customers on the right side. If you're interested to see your ad here please contact us. If you wish to have an Ad free IYOPRO update at least to the Professional Edition.