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IYOPRO v1.8.5.2


IYOPRO diagrams may now be versioned. To use this click on "Save new version" in the "Save As" menu. To load an old version click on the arrow of the splitted OK-Button in the file selection dialog. You may then choose from a list of available file versions of the selected object. In addition you'll find a Properties entry in the file menu. The properties dialog contains a Version tab which provides the required information.

Office 2010 themes

IYOPRO now provides not only the Office 2007 themes but also the Office 2010 themes.

Watermark for basic Users  

IYOPRO Basic users will find a "Powered by IYOPRO Basic Edition" watermark on all image exports. That was a requirement of our sales partners.


With this release we provide our first version of the IYOPRO Api. With this development library it's easy to integrate desktop applications into IYOPRO cloud workflows.