View Dependent Edits

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To perform view dependent edits you need to create a view first or open an existing one.

Hide Element

Select the elements to hide and perform a delete operation as you would do it in a normal diagram.

Hidden elements will be dimmed unless you have activated the preview button.

You may also toggle the Hide button of the View Dependent Edits ribbon group. It also indicates if an element is hidden or not.

Unhide Element

Hidden elements can be restored if you repeat the hide operation used to hide the element.

Move Element

Elements can be moved in the same manner as on the original diagram. Moved elements will be marked with a blurred border to indicate that the element has a view dependent edit.

Unmove Element

To move an element to it's original position select that element. The Moved button of the View Dependent Edits ribbon group will indicate that this element has been moved. Click on the button to restore the original position.

Identify moved Elements

To identify all moved elements open the menu of the moved button and choose "Select Moved". This will select all moved elements.

Edit Properties

Most properties of inherited elements of a view are disabled while view editing. However there are some properties, which can be overwritten.

On example is the Black Box property of a pool which allows you to view dependent expand or collapse a pool.

Another is the Permission property on diagram level which allows you to control the access restrictions for the diagram and for each view.