Publishing and Deployment

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With the IYOPRO Portal not only experienced but also occasional users find it comfortable to utilize their organizational process documentation and to participate at workflows.

The Publishing and Deployment features in IYOPRO ensure, that the process documentation shown in the portal consists only out of released and approved process models.

With the integrated lifetime management you can control the validity period of your process landscape and navigate on the timeline in a very easy way.

Conceptual Overview

The Publishing and Deployment process is based on the following steps:

  1. Edit
    Create one or more BPI-Projects and describe your process models
  2. Publish
    Click on the publish button in the modeling tab of the ribbon. The upcoming dialog is used to create a deployment package.
  3. Deploy
    The deployment package can be released or declined by an auditor. This can be done on demand or guided through a workflow, depending on your team settings.
    Note, that the team settings also allow to auto deploy a deployment package. That means, that the deployment is automatically done within the publishing step.

After a successful deployment, the process documentation is available in the teams process documentation folder.