Model 16 - Basic Load

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Goals of this lesson

In business processes there are usually resources involved that work off incoming customer requests, but still need to handle other labor, that also needs to be done. Imagine an it-administrator who is part of the software-developer team of a company, but who also needs to take phone calls from customers. We do not want to discuss, whether this work-sharing is a sensible approach, but it is common in a lot of companies. On days with a high customer inquiry traffic the developer simply has cut off the service duties in order to keep up with his job's software-development part. We call this a resource's basic load.

Model 16 from figure 1 depicts the aforementioned circumstance: An IT-administrator belongs to a software-developer team, but he also has to work off incoming customer inquiries. Since he must fulfill his duties on the software-development team, he must make himself unavailable for the customer service, which can be done by assigning a basic load to its resource properties.


Figure 1: Model 16 - Basic Load


Figure 2: Model 16 - Organization Diagram

Figure 3: Chris' simulation properties


We assigned a basic load to both Administrators. Let's have a look at the report.