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The DataSet object provides general information about a dataset in a process instance. These are:


       public class DataSet


Guid Id

The unique identifier of the dataset

Guid ParentId

The unique identifier of the parent of the dataset

string Name

The name of the dataset

string Keyword

The keyword of the dataset

int Index

The index of the dataset

DataSets GetSubDataSets()

Retrieves the datasets of the subprocesses

object GetAttribute(string name)

Retrieves an attribute from the dataset attributes

void SetAttribute(string name, object value)

Stores an attribute in the dataset attributes


This sample provides the information about the contents of the dataset of each started parallel subprocess.

Root = ProcessInstance.GetRootDataSet()

SubDataSets = Root.GetSubDataSets()

for ds in SubDataSets:

  ProcessInstance.Info(ds.Name + " " + ds.Keyword + " " + unicode(ds.Index))

  value = ds.GetAttribute("MyTest")