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Together with our IYOPRO Competence Center, we offer you training schemes and seminar on process management, modeling language BPMN2.0, process analysis, process simulation, process optimisation, activity-based costing and process automation. Our trainers use BPM Suite IYOPRO to impart BPM knowledge in a practical, methodical and sustainable manner. For your company, you can book tailor-made in-house seminar or you can participate in open seminar. Our courses are modular in form. We will be happy to advise you on which course concept will be suitable for you. Do you have questions?  Please conctact us.

BPMN 2.0 with IYOPRO

In this basic seminar the participants receive a general introduction to business process management and they will become familiar with the basic elements of notation BPMN 2.0 and their use for process modelling. The participants can put their knowledge immediately into practice by using IYOPRO. They will also get to know important tips and tricks which will help them to create their own comprehensive process descriptions.

  • Two day training with max. 8 participants
  • Introduction to the theory of business process management 
  • Introduction to IYOPRO and important tips and tricks
  • Comprehensive training for notation BPMN 2.0
  • Activities, events and gateways
  • Pools, lanes and subprocesses
  • Process landscape and organisation charts
  • Documentation export
  • Practical exercises for process modelling and documentation
  • Training material for all participants

IYOPRO Power User

We recommend advanced users participate in this follow-up training, approximately four to six weeks after they have completed the basic training. During this period, the participants should have gained experience with process modelling. The training module enables an optimum deepening and strengthening of modelling knowledge. The focus of this training is on the useful functions of IYOPRO as well as higher BPMN modelling constructs. For the layout of this programme, it is possible to combine modules on process simulation, process automation or adminstrator training.

  • One day training with max. 8 participants
  • or two day training with max. 8 participants incl. additional module on administrator training, simulation or process automation
  • Multilingualism of models
  • Stakeholder-related views - process variants
  • RACI charts
  • Versioning of models
  • Higher modeling constructs of BPMN 2.0, compensation events, event processes
  • Reviewing common errors and answering queries on process modelling
  • Practical exercises and training material for all participants

Process Simulation with IYOPRO

The training on simulation and optimisation of business processes teaches you to measure performance using the simulation components of IYOPRO. The run time analysis of processes enables the indicators to be determined as a basis for sound improvement measures. You learn to assess which benefits are offered by simulation and how you can use these optimally.

  • One-day training with max. 8 participants, excluding training on activity-based costing 
  • Or two-day training with max. 8 participants incl. activity-based costing 
  • Basics of simulation
  • Constant and stochastic parameters
  • Conditions and probabilities
  • Analysis and interpretation of results
  • Resource analysis, determining bottlenecks
  • Activity-based costing: activity quantity induced costs or activity quantity neutral costs 
  • Practical exercises for process simulation and activity-based costing
  • Training material for all participants

Process Automation with IYOPRO

This training will teach you the functions for workflow automation with IYOPRO. You will learn to assess which tasks - thanks to the easy operation of IYOPRO - can be carried out straight away by the respective specialist department and which tasks users with in-depth IT knowledge should perform.

  • One day training with max. 5 participants
  • Basics of workflow automation
  • Designing user forms
  • Starting process instances
  • Assigning tasks 
  • Access to databases 
  • Handling the IYOPRO workflow portal
  • Practical exercises 
  • Training material for all participants

Administrator Workshop IYOPRO

In the administrator workshop, the focus is on adapting IYOPRO to your company needs. Together with the seminar leader, a suitable method is developed and also implemented directly. For us, it is imperative that your adminstrators learn to perform all configurations independently in the future.

  • One-day training with max. 5 participants
  • Work with repository
  • Teams, groups and user rights
  • Configuration of BPMN tool box
  • Customer settings for documentation
  • On request: Administrator training for process automation
  • Training material for all participants

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