Product Data Management reinvented

Ensure Success with the IYOPRO PLM Components!

The IYOPRO PLM components combine innovative process management with solid PDM technology. Consistent master data management is the prerequisite for efficient business processes and activities. In IYOPRO, master data and process data are linked with one another in an ideal manner, thus enabling product life cycle management in a perfect manner.

Project Management

Modern product development processes place special demands on project management. In IYOPRO, automatable BPMN process models for project implementation are converted into classic project plans. The project implementation which is then carried out is workflow-based.

Part Management

Item master record offered by IYOPRO is an extremely efficient parts management solution. Its chief task as the key information platform for product data and information on items is to clearly describe an item with all its characteristics.

Document Management

Document management is a key application in the product development process, as it is intelligent management system and makes available electronic documents, CAD models and drawings and their links to each another as well to items and projects.

Overview of Functions

  • Standard project master record 
  • Representation of main project, sub-project and their linkage.
  • Arbitrary control via project plans and electronic workflows
  • Pre-defined project folder, depending on the project type 
  • Project maturity stage management, representation of project phases, status, etc.
  • Tracking of project time, costs and expense
  • Task management
  • Intuitive project navigator
  • Management of project teams and roles
  • Connection to ERP


Products, Structures and Variants

  • Standard item master record
  • Life cycle management and change management
  • Representation of colours, materials and surfaces in object classes
  • Representation of organisation-related data (e.g. customers/supplier numbers)
  • Item classification, multiple classification
  • Product structures, views of product structures (construction view, assembly view)
  • Variant management
  • Link to document management

Documents, CAD Models and Drawings

  • Management of all types of documents, independent of the respective authoring system
  • Option to store various file formats of a document to master record
  • Versioning/revisioning, independent of items assigned
  • Document classification, multiple classification
  • Efficient authorisation system via electronic safes to protect accessing of confidential documents
  • Interfaces for all standard CAD systems
  • Seamless integration in the workflow management

Product data sheet - IYOPRO PLM Components, as of August, 2015 

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