Process Portal

Never Lose Sight of the Essentials

The IYOPRO process portal is the key information platform for your process landscape. Whether it is process documentation or workflow management - all process-related information is available - it is user-friendly and to the point! 

Process Documentation

The IYOPRO process portal offers you a platform on which you can make available all workflow information relating to your business operation. Graphic representation of processes as well as description of individual activities ensures that every small detail is recorded - who is responsible for what and for how long. You can also decide which information needs to be provided. This increases transparency and reduces idle and value-reduced performances.

Workflow Management

Usually only those involved in the workflow use the IYOPRO workflow portal to process the tasks assigned to them, to track the ongoing process instances or to start new workflow process. A special feature of the workflow management is that it provides need-based information. It relieves the employees to conduct laborious research and prevents excess work of entering redundant data in various systems.

Process Cockpit

If business processes are supported electronically by workflow technologies, then automated measuring of process performance is useful. In the Process Cockpit, parameters such as lead times for individual processes and their activities are constrasted clearly. The resulting target-actual comparison offers a basis for specific management and improvement measures.

Be Well-Informed!

  • Clear process history  
  • Customised documentation release
  • Various release and workflow scenarios
  • Fast navigation and search functions
  • Customised setting up of subscriptions
  • Process optimimisation via comment function
  • Communicating news
  • Information on process changes


Vibrant Processes

  • Processing of tasks via e-mail hyperlinks
  • Processing of tasks via web forms
  • Embedding anonymous forms into web pages 
  • Overview of all automatable processes
  • Accessing portal functions via the IYOPRO API from third-party programs
  • Starting workflows
  • Processing workflow tasks
  • Monitoring active workflows

Monitoring Processes

  • Statistics for the duration of the activities 
  • Statistics for the frequency of workflows/activities per unit of time 
  • Information on new, ongoing or completed processes
  • Activity visualisation in coloured charts
  • Representation via time axis 
  • Technical log files for third-party evaluation tools
  • Evaluation of process attributes

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