Licence Model


  You can model and document (on limited basis) processes. For a trial period of 4 weeks, you have access to team functionalities and the option of collaborative work.  You have access to the published and released documentation in process portal. As a workflow participant, you can process the tasks assigned to you, track curent process instances or start new workflow processes. You can model, document and publish processes. You are authorised to start and implement processes and to process workflow tasks. You can monitor processes. You are authorised to carry out customer-specific administration and adaptations. You can create processes and implement process simulation.
Model and Document Processes          
BPMN 2.0 compliant modelling          
Central repository          
Create structured process models (incl. process landscapes)           
Process versioning          
Create process variants          
Compliance assessment and syntax check of the process models           
Organisation of user groups and roles in the repository          
Graphic interactive process animation          
Various Up-and download functions Limited Limited Limited    
Team building and authorisation management  Limited Limited Limited    
Invitation to a team and working with the team  Limited Limited Limited    
Define team and being invited to a team Limited Limited Limited    
Collaborative modelling Limited Limited Limited    
Publish processes  Limited Limited Limited    
Process library Limited Limited Limited    
Out of the Browser (OOB)          
Process Portal          
Use process documentation           
Use process documentation           
Subscribe processes          
Comment on processes          
Process workflow tasks          
Follow process instances           
Start workflow processes          
Process cockpit for process performance          
Process Automation          
Create and process form          
Create and process schema (database)          
Attribute extension          
Build workflows          
Integrate internal and/or external process participants          
Simulation & Analysis          
Scientic process simulation           
Business process optimisation          
Activity-based costing (ABC)          
Analysis of success factors (KPIs)          
Reporting simulation result          
Reporting results of ABC          
IYOPRO Administration          
Perform customer-specific setting           
Define individually modelling conventions          
Managing licences and users          

Product data sheet - IYOPRO, as of August, 2015 


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