Simulating and Analysing Business Processes

Efficiency through Simulation

A process simulation in IYOPRO helps you to analyse the dynamic behaviour of your processes. You can check your processes for their utilisation as well as process time and costs. This way, you make potential for increased efficiency transparent. In addition, you can

  • Compare strategies by using process alternatives,
  • Implement analysis for bottlenecks and storage,
  • Test behaviour of processes and resources under varying workload conditions,
  • Implement activity-based costing,
  • Optimise individual key figures and
  • Recognise weak points and errors in the process.

Process Cost Analysis

To measure monetary performance measurement, the process simulation provides activity-based costing. With IYOPRO, you can not only divide your overhead costs by the total number of process runs, but can also measure them according to how much time they take. Variable costs can also be assigned for activities and resources. Your simulation results become accurate and consequently, increase their validity. Learn more here

Effective Allocation of Resources

Employees as experts and additional resources are key components for processes. IYOPRO provides comprehensive setting options to integrate employees and resources in simulation. This includes creating

  • Customised duty rosters for employees including breaks,
  • Customised information relating to salaries,
  • Resource allocation
  • Preparation and post-processing times

The result is a realistic distribution of resource-related costs to simulated processes. The resource utilisation is represented graphically in IYOPRO. The effect of bottlenecks can be quantified by the corresponding key process indicators.

Strategy Comparison

Before implementing a process, you can determine the performance of process alternatives with the help of simulation technology. Modifications to your existing processes, impact due to changes made to your resource pool or a change in the cost structure can be analysed in advance. You therefore base your decisions on relevant key indicators and decide for the correct strategy.

Key Indicators

IYOPRO offers a number of statistics and graphically represents the most important of them. Indicators such as running and waiting times for the processes, frequency of individual occurrences and reaction to ramifications are determined. In addition, you can assign costs to your processes and products according to expense. Resource utilisation can be determined and possible bottlenecks can be clearly identified. Even your own indicators can easily be integrated. For this, the degree of statistical detail extends all the way down to the level of individual BPMN elements. The integrated representation of the most important indicators enables a quick overview of the runtime behaviour of your processes.

Realistic Results

IYOPRO has a number of discrete and continuous distribution functions, which you can use to make a realistic representation of your simulation experiment. IYOPRO generates simulation scenarios by using stochastic initial values that can be set manually or generated automatically. Experiments can be conducted to test various characteristics.

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