Variant Management

Competitive Edge through Variant Configuration

Due to a wide range of customer needs as well as international markets with local particularities, it is often necessary to deliver products in different variants. With IYOPRO, we provide a rule-based variant management, which can be seamlessly integrated into other PLM modules. Your new products are thus a result of available parts, sets of rules and decision tables. 

Decision Tables & Exclusion Rules

The variant configuration is a set of rules that describes which product variants can be manufactured under which conditions. These sets of rules determine which component combinations are possible and permissble. Each rule object stands for several "if-then" rules.

This means if one criterion or several selection criteria apply, then one or several specific part variants will be manufactured.

Decision tables, exclusion and selection rules are used to establish the set of rules. Thus, when it comes to performance, the approach used in IYOPRO for variant configuration stands out considerably from the commonly used approach in the ERP environment - maximum bill of materials. 

Product Configurator

The unique rule technology in IYOPRO allows for a full automatic generation of a product configurator for your distribution. During configuration, this technology helps in checking products for their feasibility. During configuration, IYOPRO constantly analyses the validity of entries. Use of exclusion rules prevents selection of conflicting products. After the configuration is completed, IYOPRO decides whether such a product already exists and was manufactured or whether it's a new product. In both cases, the product configurator provides the necessary operating documentation such as parts lists and miscellaneous manufacturing documentation and transmits them like every manually made product to subsequent processes.

Form Editor

The basis for making product variants is the configuration of a standard product from certain basic components. The end user runs through a series of questions to describe the desired variants relating to function, technology, dimension and/or form. IYOPRO generates, fully automatically, an input form from the rules described in the product configurator. With the help of form editor, this form can be further refined. By using the drag & drop option, the required input elements can be positioned as desired. To simplify the product configuration even more, additional information such explanatory texts, categories or pictures can be used.

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