Project Management

Creating Structure – Saving Costs

A comprehensive and workflow-controlled project management is indispensible for product management. Project management creates structures and conditions, thus enabling integrative cooperation in a project-related process landscape and supports role-related use of resources in the corresponding project phases.

The Project Master Record

Projects in IYOPRO are represented by the project master record. The project master record represents entry element to which sub-projects, project plans, project folders as well as project team members can be linked. Thus a transparent and comprehrensible structure, which serves as basis for collaborative work, is created for each project.

The Project Structural Plan

Information on project processing is passed onto project structural plans for project control. A special feature of IYOPRO is that business process and workflow management are linked to project and task management.
Project-structural plans can be automatically created from pre-defined workflows. Using the process tailoring tool, the project leader can reduce these standard workflows to the extent they are required in the respective project required. This method has proven to be very efficient. Only IYOPRO offers an intergration between project management and process management on such a scale.

Project Folder

During the course of the project, the resulting product data such as item information, product structures, all kinds of documents, CAD models and drawings are assigned to project folders in an easy manner. It is likely that individual information can be assigned to different folders.  Navigating through the project structure and the project folders is easy and intuitive. Navigating through project data and accessing the required information will be a breeze.

The Project Team

Once the project team is built, the team members are allocated - via roles - corresponding authorisations for tasks in the respective project. Equipped with the corresponding authorisations, the users can link the project with their workstations. This way, the team leader has an effective tool with which to assign employees roles such as developer, tester, work planner etc. for the respective project requirements.  



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