Parts Management

Reducing Part Variety - Saving Costs

When implementing IYOPRO PLM components, the key aim is to save costs. This is achieved by

  • Reducing part variety
  • Efficient class system
  • Consolidating material master data
  • Reusing existing data

The Item Master Record

Item master record offered by IYOPRO is an extremely efficient parts management solution. Its chief task as the key information platform for product data and information on items is to clearly describe an item with all its characteristics. These include:

  • Descriptive attributes, parts number, designation, type (individual part, assembly...) etc.
  • Life cycle information such as revision, version, release phase, release status, utilisation phases and release level.
  • Information on colour, material and surface properties
  • Organisational data - What number, designation, etc. have customers or suppliers assigned to part
  • Classifying properties - Class system in accordance with DIN 4000 with multiple classification and references
  • Decriptive documents - References to elements of document management such as requirements and functional specifications, catalogues, documentation and much more
  • Decriptive CAD models and drawings
  • Product structures and parts lists

During the workflow- supported product creation process, the IYOPRO process platform ensures that your parts data and parts lists are distributed automatically and in a timely manner to integrated systems such as the ERP system.

The Product Structure

The product structure describes the components which make up a part. With its unique view concept, IYOPRO supports various requirements for representing a product structure (how is the product developed, how is it to be mounted, etc.) 

You always have an overall view of the parts utilisation

  • in which parts and assemblies can a component be directly resused
  • for which finished products your parts will be used
  • or you can view the complete usage for which the entire component chain is displayed.

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