Document Management

Perfectly Managed Documents, Drawings and Models 

In IYOPRO PLM components, the document management is divided essentially into three areas:

  • General document management for instance office documents, e-mails, photos + videos, specification documents, etc.
  • Model management for 3D CAD models from all current 3D CAD systems and representations in neutral formats (STEP,IGES...)
  • Drawing management for 2D CAD drawings and representations in neutral formats (PDF, TIFF...)

Assigning to Master Records

Each "document" in IYOPRO PLM components consists of a master record and, if required, several document data sets. For instance, for a component specification, technical data sheets from different manufacturers can be summarised in a document data set. The same applies to CAD models and drawings. In such a case, it can often happen that a drawing, for example, is archived in various views - either in mounted state or how it was delivered.

As in many cases, a document describes a part or an assembly, a document data set can be assigned to the corresponding item master record. This way, it is clear which parts the document is describing.

Essentially, with IYOPRO all file types can be managed. Without any special application program interfaces to authoring systems, the IYOPRO PLM components functions as an intelligent Windows Explorer, but with all the benefits of a modern document management such as:

  • Versioning / Revisioning
  • Document classification
  • Document grouping in data sets for documents, models and drawings
  • Automatic assignment of numbers
  • Designations from designation catalogues
  • Document viewing (e.g. via viewer integration)
  • Authorisation management

Document Classification

Because of the object-oriented approach used in IYOPRO, model management and drawing management are derived from document management. This means, both correspond fully with the range of functions of document management, and in addition they have some special attributes and functions, which are required from models and drawings.

IYOPRO links a generalised CAD interface to current CAD systems. 

Following functions are available:

  • Generation and automatic filling of a drawing frame in CAD
  • Automatic exporting of PDF drawings out of the CAD system
  • Automatic model generation from parameters
  • Automatic creation of documentation (Office) from parameters
  • Automatic adoption of document structures (e.g. assembly-individual components) as a template for creating product structure
  • Locking/unlocking mechanisms of PDM data out of the application
  • Determining automatic assembly updates/ latest component versions
  • Supporting "Concurrent Engineering" beyond site boundaries.

Numerous Integration Options

For IYPORO PLM components, now a number of interfaces are available that belong to current authoring systems. In addition to CAD and ERP systems, these are e-mail programs, office applications, data exchange systems and various view applications. IYOPRO documents can be accessed from web portals. Functional modules are available which deliver via the web services all the necessary data and documents to the portal.

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