Modelling and Documenting Business Processes

Documentation made to measure!

IYOPRO fully supports your process management through all phases of the process life cycle. Starting from process modelling and documentation through simulation and activity-based costing to process execution. In IYOPRO, you model in accordance with the BPMN 2.0 standard which you can limit and adapt to accommodate customer requirements. You therefore decide how detailed and complex your process models need to be. You can structure your processes by using process landscapes and subprocesses. For your process model, you can create any number of levels, which can be linked with one another. 

Modelling in the browser is very smooth and intuitive. Many activities such as symbol alignment, selection of the subsequent elements or fitting of the entire chart in the modelling window can be carried out elegantly. And those who wish to change the lettering displayed on the edge in the horizontal pool will find it that it is very easy to do so. The model turns at an angle of 90° enabling you to enter the text and subsequently, returns to its initial position. Such fine details determine the ease with which a modeller can carry out the work. 

Prof. Dr. Thomas Allweyer, BPM-Blog ‚Kurze Prozesse‘ 27. June 2014

Compliance Assessment and Syntax Check

Your process models are checked for their syntactical correctness during the modelling phase. Your charts thus conform at all times to the notation rules. During the modelling phase, IYOPRO will indicate if your model does not comply with the BPMN 2.0 standard. Within the model, various messages such as errors, warnings or additional information are attached to the elements causing problems. Process animation is another tool for validating your model. The tool enables you to clearly see each colour-coded step. This step-by-step visual representation helps you to follow the process flow.

Customer-Specific Settings and Corporate Design

The properties of notation elements can be adjusted to meet customer requirements by attribute extension. For instance, company-specific details relating to data protection obligations can be determined in the process activities. In addition, you can design your process documentation in accordance with your corporate design. For this, you can structure the headers and footers of your reports as well as the content as desired.

Documenting and Publishing

Those who only model their processes, but do not implement them, create only processes that "sit on shelves and collect dust". Therefore, in addition to process modelling, IYOPRO offers you other forms of documentation. Each notation element can be described individually. In this manner, you can create comprehensive process and detailed activity descriptions, which can serve as informal added value for your employees.

An export function is also available for you to use your models outside IYOPRO. This function enables you to export processes in following ways:

  • File in IYP, BPMN and XML format,
  • Image file,
  • Word and HTML report,
  • RACI matrix and
  • IT system diagram. 

Transparency via the Process Portal

The IYOPRO process portal offers company-wide transparency through visualisation of your process models. You can publish your process models on the process portal and make available all process-related information to your employees. A representation of your company-wide process landscape and the link to upstream and downstream processes is available and can be commented upon. In addition to viewing history, you can also follow the temporal development of your processes including their current validity.

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