Execute and Automate Business Processes

Efficiency through Workflows

It is often the case in business processes that a number of employees from different departments or even organisations are involved. Moreover, they may not work together at the same location or be in the same time zone. Different ways of working and media disruption in the workflow can result in additional work - processing status and responsibilities are unclear. An employee may consider information forwarded via forms during a workflow to be incomplete or another employee may think it is too comprehensive. Consequently, further queries or the need for correction follow. Exchange of emails and countless excel lists do not help to make it clear which document version is the current one. 

Generating Workflows

With IYOPRO, you can easily generate automatable workflows from your modelled processes and make information available! You can define and standardise workflows, sort out responsibilities and automate information transfer. The following lists some of the benefits of generating workflows in IYOPRO:

  • By making information available on need basis, you relieve your employees of conducting time consuming research. In addition, you prevent excess work of entering redundant data into various systems. 
  • By standardising workflows and reducing lead times, you improve process efficiency.
  • You make your workflows transparent and increase process control.

Design Forms using the Drag & Drop Option

You have a number of elements at your disposal to design forms. You do not require programming experience to design them. Each of the elements - whether it's a text or date field, drop down menu, file upload or button - can be added to the form using the drag & drop option. You are free to choose the position. In addition, you decide about the visibility and the (over)writability of the elements.

Responsibilities and Notifications

In the following four ways, you can define who will discharge tasks allocated to them and how are they to be notified: 

  • Role-based via allocation of tasks to a pool of staff who are to assume the desired role 
  • Person-specific by selecting specific employees
  • Via e-mail 
  • Variables corresponding to form entries

In addition, the selected users can be notified via e-mail about the tasks that they are to complete. You decide on the design of the e-mail content and form. Moreover, form contents can be incorporated into the text and attachments can be added. By integrating hyperlinks, the employee will be directed to the task. 

Store Your Information Permanently

Information from forms and additional customised variables such as time stamp and quality indicators can be stored beyond the life cycle of the processes and can thus be used for controlling processes. Collaboration charts are integrated into data stores and the data stored in them can be exported CSV files.

User Guidance is Crucial

IYOPRO offers your employees support with carrying out their tasks. Various viewing options in the forms lessen the need for further queries and improve process quality.

  • The workflow view enables your employees to have a look at the entire process. Completed and current tasks are colour-coded. 
  • The task description that you define within the process model can also be called up by the employees in the forms. The task description enables integration of work instruction, contact persons, etc. and can be customised according to your company standards.
  • The form documentation serves as description and processing tool to fill out the document. Like the task description, it can also be customised.

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