Innovative Business Process Management

Modelling, Simulation, Automation - Always Right with IYOPRO!

The IYOPRO BPM platform offers comprehensive business process management based on the BPMN 2.0 notation standard. In the SaaS variant, you can start immediately. For an inhouse-installation, please contact us.

Modelling and Documenting Business Processes

Record your processes and achieve transparency! By defining the exchange of information, you consolidate the process orientation of your employees, enhance your quality and provide a means of communication that offers a basis for comprehensive process management.

Automating and Executing Business Processes

By automating workflows you support standards and therefore quality! You increase your productivity and prevent excess work: your employees receive automatic information about their tasks, the processing status becomes transparent and information is provided on need-basis.

Simulating and Analysing Business Processes

Process simulation helps you to analyse your processes in terms of time, resources and costs! You can compare process alternatives by using various scenarios that check process utilisation, identify weak spots or even carry out process costs analysis.

Modelling & Documentation

  • Process map and organisational charts
  • Process validation and animation
  • Variant and version management
  • Customer-specific settings
  • Various export and import functions
  • Process documentation on IYOPRO process portal


Automating & Executing

  • Customised design for visibility, description and limiting of form elements
  • Storing with export function for process information
  • Notification management
  • User guidance for executing processes
  • Integrating files in the workflow

Simulation & Analysis

  • Process analysis relating to resources, products, costs and time
  • Activity based costing based on simulation for strategic and operative controlling
  • Reporting simulation results

Product data sheet - IYOPRO BPM, as of May, 2017 

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