intellivate CEOs: Dipl. Math. Kerstin Pahlke und Dipl. Ing. Thomas Röhrig

The intellivate Management

Strong Together

Kerstin Pahlke, Dipl.-Math.

Kerstin Pahlke has been working for intellivate GmbH ever since the company was founded. As the managing director, she is responsible for the project and process management division. The key task of this mathematics professional is the analysis, development and implementation of business processes for customer projects as well as the design and development, support and overall quality assurance for international IT-integration projects.

Before intellivate was founded, she worked as an ERP (SAP®) expert with the luminaire manufacturer Trilux GmbH & Co.KG in Arnsberg. For the past twenty years, she has focused on business process management and project management in the ERP/PDM enviroment and can draw on her extensive experience and comprehensive expertise in all questions relating to appropriate applications. With intellivate, Kerstin Pahlke has successfully overseen many projects for customers from diverse industries – ranging from automotive suppliers to the chemical industry and the tobacco industry and as such, in addition to her general ERP expertise, she is especially capable in understanding industry-specific requirements.

"In the global competitive environment, companies must adapt their organisational structures and processes towards ever shorter cycles to meet the requirements of their customers and the market. We support the strategic process alignment via a heterogeneous system landscape and through our product IYOPRO we are able to work process integration into our customers' organisations. Our strength lies in implementing sustainable concepts."

Kerstin Pahlke


Thomas Röhrig, Dipl. Ing.

Thomas Röhrig, born in 1965, laid the foundation for intellivate in 1995 when he founded the company ergo EDV-Unternehmensberatung GmbH. As a managing director, the electrical engineer today is responsible for the software and products division. This includes, first and foremost, the IYOPRO product family.

Before founding intellivate, Thomas Röhrig worked as a software expert at Trilux, the Arnsberg luminaire manufacturer. At Trilux, he was responsible for several projects in the CAD system environment. Based on this knowledge, he developed OpenEDM, the forerunner to IYOPRO, which laid the foundation for intellivate's success. For intellivate, Thomas Röhrig has successfully implemented several projects for customers from the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and the lighting industry, among others. This makes him a proven expert for specific requirements in different industries.

"Over the past years, we have have focused on building a consistent master data management system for our customers (PDM/PLM, ERP, CRM, etc.). Today, our customers' staff work on a common, strategic working platform. This way, the foundation is laid for improving process efficiency via workflow and business process management. There is enormous saving potential."

With its product IYOPRO's PLM components, for many years intellivate has been offering a workflow engine integrated into master data management. intellivate has added a web-based solution called IYOPRO BPM to its product range, the entire infrastructure of which intellivate provides as part of its service. This way, intellivate can offer business process management to every company without any additional IT and installation costs.

"With IYOPRO, our customers can record, document, simulate and even execute their business processes as workflow."

Thomas Röhrig

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