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Update 07/02/17 - timjanz - 02.07.2017 11:28

Today we deployed version v1.38.8.3. With this update we introduce several enhancements:
  • Repository - Recent Items in the repository can be opened via URL.
  • Repository/Portal - The structure of current tasks and process instances on the desktop has been improved.
  • Repository/Portal - Word exports of diagram views are available in the documentation portal now.
  • Modeling - Diagrams can be pinned to the main menu now.
  • Modeling - BPMN shapes can be customized now.
  • Modeling - Various rules have been added to the model validation.
  • IT System Diagram - IT System Diagrams now support bidirectional data associations.
  • Organization Diagram - The import of LDAP users and groups allows to filter entries now.
  • Organization Diagram - Inherited roles of organization units are now presented.
  • Workflow - Finding a process instances via attribute name and value (IYOPROSendWorkflowMessage.aspx) supports various data types now.
  • Workflow - The task participant configurator supports eMail users now.
  • Workflow - Workflow task icons differ now when another participant is already responsible.
  • Forms - Groups can have multiline labels now.

Furthermore we fixed several bugs.
We hope that you enjoy the new features.

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