Full Version: Update 03/05/17
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Version v1.35.8.6 has been released last weekend. This update contains various improvements:
  • Repository - The query mask of the advanced search can now be cleared.
  • Repository - The type filter in the advanced search now contains a predefined list of values.
  • Repository - Data and folders can now be fltered in the search results of the advanced search.
  • Repository - The repository path of data can now be copied into the clipboard.
  • Modeling - A new context menu on document tabs enables you to close single diagrams or all diagrams.
  • Modeling - In addition to their name diagrams now have a title property which will replace the diagram name Word and HTML exports if it's set.
  • Modeling - Solutions can now be renamed in the process explorer.
  • Modeling - The scaling behaviour of BPMN artefacts has been adjusted.
  • Modeling - Property changes can now be undone.
  • Modeling - Validation of the BPMN rule set has been improved.
  • Workflow - User tasks can have a due date now.
  • Workflow - Various users can share the same Email address now and still participate a workflow together.
  • Workflow - Tasks can now be prioritized in the Task overview.
  • Workflow - The list of running process instances will now be refreshed when a new workflow is started.
  • Workflow - The process instance details have a new layout.
  • Workflow - The list of participants for workflow tasks can now be administrated during run-time.
  • Workflow - Workflow tasks will now be created when if no participant could be found.
  • Workflow - The binding syntax has been expanded and supports converters.
  • Forms - Drop down values in data tables can now be arranged.
  • Forms - Buttons in embedded forms can now trigger actions in other systems.
  • Forms - Date pickers in forms can now contain dates before 1970.
  • Forms - The field focus in forms now supports groups and pages.
  • Documentation - A monthly user statistic has been provided in the documentation.
  • Documentation - Diagrams in documentations can now be printed.
  • Documentation - Diagrams in documentations can now be exported as Word documents.
  • Documentation - A search dialog on documentation pages has been added.
  • Documentation - Results of the search on diagrams will now now be highlighted in the diagram.
  • Documentation - The general and advanced search dialogs can now be accessed from every documentation pages.
  • Documentation - News will now provide information about the diagram they are related to.
  • Documentation - Comments can only be edited by their creator.
  • Library - Empty library folders will not be presented in the process explorer anymore.
  • Library - More icons for different BPMN shapes have been added to ensure an easy determination of library elements.

Furthermore we fixed a various number of errors.
We hope you enjoy the new functions!

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