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IYOPRO v1.7.4.9


HTML-Forms where extended by authentication and Ajax support. Our job is not yet complete. With the provided web services you may now embed forms into every web portal and start a workflow instance in IYOPRO when the user submits the form.

Workflow Portal

You'll find the portal functionality within the repository now.


There is a new option "Workflow Message" which allows to trigger a BPMN 2.0 message event if the user clicks on the hyperlink i.e. from within an email.


Some rules regarding the BPMN 2.0 validation have been corrected to confirm the specification on some special cases of events and activities.

BPI Projects

If a project contains multiple modified files and one of these files will be saved a save management dialog will appear that allows to save all or a selection of the files.

OpenXML Export  

The Preview now contains the table of contents.

HTML Project Export

The configuration dialog now contains an Advanced tab. Here you can adjust the order of the tree elements. You may also specify a home page which will initially will be displayed. The Shortcut feature allows you to create a hyperlink pane from which the user may access specific documents very quickly. The search feature has been moved to the navigation pane. You may save the advanced settings if you save the project.

Schema Diagram  

With this version we introduce the schema relation object. It'll be used to link table columns together.