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IYOPRO v1.5.6.7

Organisation Diagram

You may define your organisation for documentation purposes and enhance it with roles for the workflow execution. Users and groups may be imported from the IYOPRO Repository or even simpler from your LDAP Directory which requires IYOPRO to run Out of Browser.

Schema Diagram

Define your database schema which will be linked to BPMN Datastores to load and save your process data while executing workflows. You may export and import schema content to give you most flexibility to manage your data.

Form Editor

The form editor now allows multicolumn forms. There is also a new data grid control. Several controls have been enhanced to let you create more professional forms.

BPI Projects

The functionality has been enhanced significantly. The project tree currently is the only object, which got a context menu. Diagrams and forms within the project tree may be dragged onto other diagrams to create subprocesses, datastores, usertasks or link them to existing elements. We will provide a sample video soon, which will explain the power of the IYOPRO Project Management.

Documentation export

IYOPRO now generates a detailed Process documentation with a sophisticated layout. There will be more with our next releases.

Bitmap Export

The quality of the Bitmap export for large diagrams has been enhanced dramatically. But - export may take a while

License management - you may now flexible assign and deassign single licenses from your license package to your users. We will provide a video to explain the license management.

Hyperlink in text

You may insert hyperlinks in your texts. BPMN Element Styling - with this release we start to deliver different styles for the BPMN stencils. For now we provide a sketch style which gives your diagrams the effect of a hand drawn concept paper.


With this release we changed the way of diagram validation. You now have a better control of what will be marked. Also there is a new Simulation validation which will indicate missing must have parameters for a successful anaysis step.

Workflow Portal

For professional users we provide a new workflow portal. The portal will present tasks, monitored processes and runnable workflows in a clearly arranged way.