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The User object provides general information about a registered IYOPRO User. These are:


       public class User


int Id

The unique Id of the user

string Name

The name of the user

string Email

The email address of the user

string Account

The account of the user

string Language

The language set when the user was created

string SecurityId

The directory services security id of an user, if the user is synchronized with the directory service. If not an empty string.

void SetAbsence(bool gone, object fromDate, object untilDate, string reason = "", object creator = null)

Specify if the given user is absent (gone = true) or present (gone = false).

fromDate and untilDate can be either C# DateTime objects or Python datetime's. However currently only the date part is used to define absence or presence of the user. The parameter creator is either another User object (e.g. user who started the process instance) or a string.


This sample retrieves the email address of the process instance initiator

user = ProcessInstance.Created

mailto = user.Email