Tasks class

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The Tasks object specifies a collection of loaded task objects. An instance of the Tasks collection is provided by the Session object.




IYOPRO.Api (in IYOPRO.Api.dll)


       class Tasks()


void Load(DateTime startDate, DateTime endDate, Dictionary<int, List<int>> activities, List<string> attributes, object userdata = null)

Retrieves tasks for the given user.

Names is an optional filter for process instance names.

StartDate and endDate are filters and specify the time range for the finishedDate of these tasks, which are finished.

Activities filter specifies a list of Activity control ids (out of the diagrams) which are requested

Attributes specify a list of process instance variable names, which should be retrieved.

Userdata will be provided in the TasksLoadedEventArgs

event TasksLoadedEvent TasksLoaded

The TasksLoaded event is triggered if the Load method has finished.


// Load list of tasks

Session session = ...;

Tasks.TasksLoadedEvent handler = null;

handler = (s, args) =>


session.Tasks.TasksLoaded -= handler;

Data = args.Data;



session.Tasks.TasksLoaded += handler;

public Dictionary<int, List<int>> filter = // This is a filter. Here you specify, what tasks should be retrieved

 new Dictionary<int, List<int>>() {

   { 11175,   // This is the Diagram Id that holds the Task.

     new List<int>() { 72 } // This is a list of Task Id's inside the diagram.



// Skip all finished tasks and retrieve process variables Number and FormData

session.Tasks.Load(DateTime.UtcNow, DateTime.MaxValue, filter, new List<string>() { "Number", "FormData" });