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The Tasks node provides access to open and / or finished tasks

If the Tasks node is activated, all tasks of the user are shown. Each task is associated to a process instance. For each process instance in addition a folder is shown beneath the tasks node as well as in the task list. If you navigate to such a folder, only tasks of that process instance type are shown. This makes it easy to work on same incidents.

Task Availability

A various number of user accounts can participate in a workflow task but only one account at a time can be responsible. Therefor workflow tasks are displayed differently depending on their availability for the currently signed on user account.

(Task has no current responsible account or the current account is responsible)

(Another account is responsible for the task)

Show / Hide finished tasks

In the toolbar of the dialog  the "Hide finished" selection allows several useful and predefined options, when to hide finished tasks. These are:

Delegate tasks

Click on the button 'Delegation' to delegate tasks and manage already delegated tasks.

Set task priorities

Select one or more entries of the task list and click the button "Task priority" to define the urgency of those tasks. Tasks can be sorted by their priority.

Configure the task list

The structure of the task list can be changed. Columns can be added or hidden and the order of displayed columns can be changed.

Open a task outside IYOPRO

You may open a task outside IYOPRO. You have the following possibilities: