Synchronization with a directory service

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In an on premise installation of IYOPRO a synchronization with the existing directory service (usually Active Directory) with

IYOPRO can be activated. This synchronization operates on 3 different levels:

  1. Users
  2. Team membership
  3. User group membership

User synchronization

With the user synchronization it is possible to maintain the users that should be able to work with IYOPRO as a user group within the directory.

This user group can have nested groups which will be evaluated as well.

As a result, users in the defined group are added as IYOPRO users, if they are not already present.

On the other hand, IYOPRO user that are not members of the group are disabled.

In addition properties of the user in the directory are updated in IYOPRO to e.g. reflect changes of the name or the like.

Users who are part of the group, but are disabled in the directory, will be also disabled in IYOPRO.

Team member synchronization

Specific teams in IYOPRO can be set up to have the users from the user synchronization added / removed automatically. This

is helpful if one maintains one or more teams that should be accessible to all IYOPRO users.

User group membership synchronization

The user groups in IYOPRO can be set up to be synchronized with the directory service as well. Based on a customized parent

entry, all user groups in this directory entry are available for the synchronization.

If one of the available user groups is selected to be the source of the group members in IYOPRO, the group members from

the directory service are used in IYOPRO.

Trigger synchronization

Click on Trigger User Synchronization in the user management drop down menu to request a run of the synchronization.

Please note that this entry is only available if the system is configured to synchronize information with the directory service.