Start flow animation

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To start a process flow animation load or create a BPMN 2.0 Collaboration diagram.

Ensure, that no elements are selected and click on the Button. The start events will change their color to red which indicates, that a Token is owned by this Element.

Every click in the button will move each token along the process flow to the next position.

If a token leaves an element, it's color changes from red to green, indicating that the element has been processed whereas the receiving element changes its color to red.

If a token cannot leave it's color changes to yellow. If for Example a receive message task got a token and waits for a message, it's color will be yellow until the message arrives.

If a token enters a decision gateway or an activity with attached events its color changes to red/yellow striped. The decision about the outgoing flow can be made through a selection of the outgoing path / pathes (if applicable).

You may also start the flow animation by using the button. In this case the animation will automatically step forward until all tokens cannot move any more.

If you start the process flow animation on a diagram, which contains selected elements, the animation will begin on these selected elements.

Tip: If you wish to start the process from a predefined position, you may also drag a start flag from the animation toolbox to your diagram and attach it to the start element.