Sequence Flows

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In contrast to the BPMN 2.0 Specification we added one feature, that is mostly desired by non-technical modelers: the Duration of a sequence flow.

Figure 1: Example Model

Simulation Properties

Optional Simulation Properties


This field is used to define the expressions after an exclusive or inclusive gateway.

  • You simply add a condition like "x<y" (in F(x)) or a Python-script, that determines whether this sequence or conditional flow is to be followed next in the model.
  • See Gateway Decision Making and especially the sub-section Assigning Conditions  for more information.


Add a duration for this sequence flow.

  • The approach is exactly the same as the duration of the activity.
  • This feature can be used to represent a time consumption, for which you would not like to add an additional activity, like the time period of walking to the CEO's office (which can be significantly far way).