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With the SAP adapter you can connect IYOPRO to your SAP.

Check and adjust the entries in the IYOPRO.SAP.config so that you have the correct destinations and their required parameters.

Example for the entries of the config:

Comma separated list of known destination names

<add key="destinations" value="T11,T12"/>

Parameters of the T11 destination as required

<add key="T11_USER" value="<USERNAME>"/>

<add key="T11_PASSWD" value="<PASSWORD>"/>

<add key="T11_CLIENT" value="500"/>

<add key="T11_LANG" value="DE"/>

<add key="T11_ASHOST" value="<IP address>"/>

<add key="T11_SYS_NR" value="01"/>


       public class ConnectionManager


RfcDestination GetDestination(string name)

Get config parameters for the specified destination name


       public class RfcDebugger


bool CallFailed

Indicates whether the call failed

RfcDebugger(IRfcFunction func)

The constructor

string Call(RfcDestination dest, bool escapeResultForSQL = true, Encoding encodingToUse=null)

Returns log data as xml

Exception GetCallException()

Returns the call error if an exception occured


This sample gets the IP address as well as the log data of a specified function of a given destination.


import clr


from IYOPRO.SAP import *

dest = ConnectionManager.GetDestination("T11")

func = dest.Repository.CreateFunction("RFC_SYSTEM_INFO")


si = func.GetStructure("RFCSI_EXPORT")

print "SI.RFCIPADDR", si.GetValue("RFCIPADDR")

print result:



func = dest.Repository.CreateFunction("RFC_SYSTEM_INFO")

logger = RfcDebugger(func)

logdata = logger.Call(dest, True)

si = func.GetStructure("RFCSI_EXPORT")

print "SI.RFCIPADDR", si.GetValue("RFCIPADDR")

print logdata

print result:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>

<RfcCallDump Timestamp="2021-07-02T11:53:29.1387114+02:00" FunctionModule="RFC_SYSTEM_INFO">

 <Destination AppServerHost="..." AppServerService="" Client="500" Language="DE" MessageServerHost="" MessageServerService="" Name="T11" SAPRouter="" SystemId="" SystemNumber="01" User="RFC_PLMDEV" />


   <Function Name="RFC_SYSTEM_INFO">

     <IMPORTING />


       <Parameter Name="CURRENT_RESOURCES" Type="INT4" Length="4" Value="0" />

       <Parameter Name="FAST_SER_VERS" Type="INT4" Length="4" Value="0" />

       <Parameter Name="MAXIMAL_RESOURCES" Type="INT4" Length="4" Value="0" />

       <Parameter Name="RECOMMENDED_DELAY" Type="INT4" Length="4" Value="0" />

       <Structure Name="RFCSI" Type="STRUCTURE">

         <Field Name="RFCPROTO" Type="CHAR" Length="3" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCCHARTYP" Type="CHAR" Length="4" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCINTTYP" Type="CHAR" Length="3" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCFLOTYP" Type="CHAR" Length="3" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCDEST" Type="CHAR" Length="32" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCHOST" Type="CHAR" Length="8" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCSYSID" Type="CHAR" Length="8" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCDATABS" Type="CHAR" Length="8" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCDBHOST" Type="CHAR" Length="32" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCDBSYS" Type="CHAR" Length="10" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCSAPRL" Type="CHAR" Length="4" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCMACH" Type="CHAR" Length="5" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCOPSYS" Type="CHAR" Length="10" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCTZONE" Type="CHAR" Length="6" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCDAYST" Type="CHAR" Length="1" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCIPADDR" Type="CHAR" Length="15" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCKERNRL" Type="CHAR" Length="4" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCHOST2" Type="CHAR" Length="32" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCSI_RESV" Type="CHAR" Length="12" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCIPV6ADDR" Type="CHAR" Length="45" Value="" />


       <Parameter Name="S4_HANA" Type="CHAR" Length="1" Value="" />


     <CHANGING />

     <TABLES />




 <Call DurationInSeconds="0.000494" Status="Success" />


   <Function Name="RFC_SYSTEM_INFO">

     <IMPORTING />


       <Parameter Name="CURRENT_RESOURCES" Type="INT4" Length="4" Value="10" />

       <Parameter Name="FAST_SER_VERS" Type="INT4" Length="4" Value="1" />

       <Parameter Name="MAXIMAL_RESOURCES" Type="INT4" Length="4" Value="11" />

       <Parameter Name="RECOMMENDED_DELAY" Type="INT4" Length="4" Value="0" />

       <Structure Name="RFCSI" Type="STRUCTURE">

         <Field Name="RFCPROTO" Type="CHAR" Length="3" Value="011" />

         <Field Name="RFCCHARTYP" Type="CHAR" Length="4" Value="4103" />

         <Field Name="RFCINTTYP" Type="CHAR" Length="3" Value="LIT" />

         <Field Name="RFCFLOTYP" Type="CHAR" Length="3" Value="IE3" />

         <Field Name="RFCDEST" Type="CHAR" Length="32" Value="..." />

         <Field Name="RFCHOST" Type="CHAR" Length="8" Value="..." />

         <Field Name="RFCSYSID" Type="CHAR" Length="8" Value="..." />

         <Field Name="RFCDATABS" Type="CHAR" Length="8" Value="..." />

         <Field Name="RFCDBHOST" Type="CHAR" Length="32" Value="..." />

         <Field Name="RFCDBSYS" Type="CHAR" Length="10" Value="..." />

         <Field Name="RFCSAPRL" Type="CHAR" Length="4" Value="750" />

         <Field Name="RFCMACH" Type="CHAR" Length="5" Value="  390" />

         <Field Name="RFCOPSYS" Type="CHAR" Length="10" Value="Linux" />

         <Field Name="RFCTZONE" Type="CHAR" Length="6" Value="  3600" />

         <Field Name="RFCDAYST" Type="CHAR" Length="1" Value="X" />

         <Field Name="RFCIPADDR" Type="CHAR" Length="15" Value="..." />

         <Field Name="RFCKERNRL" Type="CHAR" Length="4" Value="753" />

         <Field Name="RFCHOST2" Type="CHAR" Length="32" Value="..." />

         <Field Name="RFCSI_RESV" Type="CHAR" Length="12" Value="" />

         <Field Name="RFCIPV6ADDR" Type="CHAR" Length="45" Value="..." />


       <Parameter Name="S4_HANA" Type="CHAR" Length="1" Value="" />


     <CHANGING />

     <TABLES />