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The Runnable node provides access to runnable workflows.

If the runnable node is activated, a list of all workflows (Production Version) that the user could start is displayed. Each workflow is associated to a team. For each team, a folder is also displayed below the runnable node as well as in the workflow list. If you navigate to such a folder, only workflows of that team are shown. This facilitates work on the same incidents.

Double click on the appropriate workflow to start.

Then either a web version of your start form will appear or the IYOPRO Start Workflow Dialog, depending on the settings in the workflow definition.

If a start form has been declared, a process instance will be created when the form is submitted.

Configure the workflow list

The structure of the workflow list can be changed. Columns can be added or hidden and the order of displayed columns can be changed.

Start Workflow Dialog

The Start Workflow Dialog is used for all types of workflows, which must be manually started.

It shows the name and some organizational information as well as a preview image and a description.

To start such a workflow hit the "Start" button.