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A RichText represents more than a simple text. It supports text formatting as well as different fonts, font sizes and colored text.

In order to add a RichText, drag the shape from the Form Toolbox onto the Form and drop it at the desired location.

Sample RichText


This Element utilizes beside the General Element Properties the following properties:


Comparison of Text and RichText

With Richtext you can insert a variety of visual characteristics into your text and thus style your text according to your ideas. With Text you just write a simple text. So on the one hand, you have more design options with RichText, on the other hand, adding text with the Text element is faster, since there are no stylistic customization options. The Text element thus has the advantage that the displayed text looks the same everywhere and there is no further effort for you. Another advantage is a saving in performance. We therefore recommend using Text where RichText is not required.