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When the simulation has finished, you will get a report with a set of values for your experiment. See below for the run configuration, which we set up to receive the report statistics from below.

Please refer to the section Experiment Results for more information on the report specific data.

Run configuration

Report statistics

The report of this model consists of three parts:


Actually the report consists of four parts. The first part contains the model description and the settings of the experiment run. This enables you to reproduce the report by reconfigure the simulation with the given information.

Process details

Here the report provides statistics for the processes' cycle times. They are visualized by histograms (Figure 1) and Box-plots (Figure 3). But there are also tables with the exact statistics (Figures 2 and 4).

Figure 1: Histogram of the process' processing time


Figure 2: The process' cycle time statistics

Figure 3: Box-plot visualization of the process' cycle times

Figure 4:  The concurrently active process instances

Activity details

In this part of the report you will find all the statistics of the activities.

Activity run-times and waiting times

Concurrently existing activities

Figure 5: The report's activity details


Event details

This part of the report presents the events' statistics, see Figure 6.

Event counter

Inter-arrival times

Figure 6: The report's event details